3 Simple Fat Burning Tips You Should Implement Today

Have you been dreaming of getting extremely ripped because you’re not alone. Getting ripped requires hard work. Lucky for you, we’re going to give you three simple fat burning tips you can start using today. If you do these three things consistently, then you will get ripped within a matter of 12-16 weeks.

Alternate Between Cardio And Your Weights Session

There’s nothing wrong with doing weights first and cardio second or vice-versa. However, you can burn more fat by alternating between the two. Do 5-10 minutes of cardio and then do sets of an exercise before doing another 5-10 minutes of cardio. Do this throughout your entire workout and you will be feeling the effects of it the next day.

Also, make sure you train with light weight and high reps when you alternate between cardio and weights. If you feel the need to, then go ahead and lift heavy and do low reps.

Do Multiple Exercises As One Set

If you’re like a lot of people, then you do a few reps of an exercise, rest and then do more reps before resting again and you repeat the cycle until the desired number of sets have been completed. These are known as regular sets or straight sets. Take things to the next level by doing multiple exercises and counting them as one set.

Doing two exercises back to back for the same muscle is called a compound set. Two exercises for different muscles are super-sets. Doing three exercises back to back to back are called tri-sets, while performing four or more are called giant sets. Simply choose the exercises you want to do, perform them back to back and then rest once the last rep of the last exercise has been completed. Then repeat until you reach the desired number of sets.

Drink Lemon Water When Craving Something Sweet

Instead of drinking soda, juices and other sugary beverages high in calories, you can and should infuse your water with a lemon. Lemon water has many benefits and one of those benefits is it aids in maintaining a health weight. Not only that, but it has a sweet taste to it, making it a perfect drink to have when you’re craving something sweet. Try to drink at least one glass of lemon water first thing in the morning and right before you exercise. Lemon water has been known for giving people a quick pick me up, which will come in handy for your workout.

Drink water infused with a lemon daily, do exercises as one set and alternate between weights and cardio. If you do those things, you’ll become a fat burning machine and will get ripped within a few short weeks. Consistency is important and so is patience. If you’re patience and consistent and do the above things, the results will come.